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      Lady of Cao mummy           Re-enactment of the Lady of Cao




The Lady of Cao is the first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru ever to be discovered by archaeologists. She is believed to have governed in the Chicama Valley, very close to the city of Trujillo, about 1700 years ago. The discovery of her tomb in 2006 was a major breakthrough in the development of our understanding about the Moche civilization, which left no written records but richly described itself in its iconography. Through historical recreations, we learn what the Moche society of the area was like and the importance of this mysterious tattooed mummy in her time.







Length: 52 min.
Country: Spain
Language: English
Director: José Manuel Novoa
Producer: Óscar Portillo
Producer Web site: www.explorafilms.com
Distributor: Explora Films
Distributor Web site: www.explorafilms.com