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 Re-enactment of Conquistadors pillaging    Native Kuikuro men


The Amazon is the largest tropical rain forest on the planet, seemingly untouched by man until the Twentieth Century. But today, science is peeling back the canopy to reveal an untold history, one in which great swathes of the dense jungle were once gardens and farms, successfully managed by a huge and organized civilization. This new evidence leads one wonder if the old legends of lost cities might be based in truth. This film reconstructs conquistador Francesco de Orellana’s epic journey in search of the mythical city of gold: El Dorado. Today, archaeologist Eduardo Neves has found more than a hundred ancient sites in the central Amazon and, with the aid of satellite photographs, archaeologist Professor Michael Heckenerger has unveiled a complex of huge villages. This ancient society lived in a way similar to that of the Kuikuro tribe living in the area today.







Length: 50 min.
Country: US
Language: English
Director: Phillip J. Day
Producer: Phillip J. Day
Producer Web site: www.edgewest.com
Distributor: National Geographic Channel
Distributor Web site: www.channel.nationalgeographic.com

Premier on National Geographic, 2008
Silver Telly Award, 2010
International Review of Archaeological Cinema in Italy, October 2012