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Peruvian villagers farming            Peruvian man drinking from mug        




A young indigenous Peruvian man and his wife and son have farmed most of their lives in a small village in the mountains above the Sacred Valley. Like many, he believes that life in the city would be better than his village life. At sixteen, he left for the city, but when his father died, had to return to his village to work and care for his family. Now he has a young son of his own and, like his father, desires to see his son study in the city and become something more than he has become. Interwoven with the complex history of a people, this story paints a vivid picture of this man's life, the conflict between his love of the land and the work he has learned from his father, and the desire to see his son living what he sees as a better life in the city.







Length: 100 min.
Country: Peru
Language: Spanish and Quechan with English subtitles
Director: Jason Burlage
Producer: Jason Burlage
Producer Web site: http://www.michacrafilm.com/
Distributor: Documentary Educational Resources
Distributor Web site: www.der.org


Special Heart of Slavonia Award, 9th International Film Festival - The Heart of Slavonia, Croatia, 2012
Grand Prize Inkafest Film Festival, Huraz Peru, 2011
Honorable Mention, SVA Film & Media Festival, 2011
Grand Prize, Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2010
9th International Film Festival - The Heart of Slavonia, Croatia, 2012
22nd Montreal First Peoples' Festival, Canada, 2012
XIV Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films, 2011
VII INKAFEST Mountain & Environment Film Festival, Lima, Peru, 2011
Festival Filmar En America Latina, Geneva, 2011
Starz Denver Film Festival, 2009
Calgary International Film Festival, 2010
International Documentary Encounters Colombia, Bogot√°, 2010
Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, New York, 2010
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Missoula, Montana, 2010
It's All True International Documentary Film Festival, Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,