TAC 2011 Film and Video Festival silentstorytitle




 Entrance to Fairview Cemetery in Arkansas            Man cleaning up grave stone





Most of us drive by cemeteries every day without giving them a second thought. But without an appreciation of our cemeteries, we disconnect ourselves, historically and culturally, from our communities and ultimately from our society as a whole. Filmed over two years, the Silent Storytellers documentary follows individuals across the state of Arkansas as they bring awareness to preserving deteriorating cemeteries, many of them in remote, quite places, and putting the monuments that were made for these people back together again. In the process they demonstrate how cemeteries can tell remarkably personal stories about people long past.







Length: 79 min.
Country: US
Language: English
Director: Hop Litzwire
Producer: Casey Sanders
Producer Web site: www.aetn.org/silentstorytellers
Distributor: Arkansas Educational Television Network
Distributor Web site: www.aetn.org/silentstorytellers


Aired on Arkansas Statewide TV
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Little Rock Film Festival