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In 2000, Yvan Pallier, a young French archaeologists, found several 5000 year old marble rings in Brittany, France.  These rings bear a strange resemblance to the talismans worn by the Tuareg of Mali until the 20th Century for protection and prosperity.  Pallier started looking for the manufacturers of these bracelets made of African marble in the village of Hombori.  Tontoni Meikouba, one of the last sculptors, opens up his workshop for him and shares trade secrets.  He tells him about the commercial route these rings take through the Sahara and the Sahel.  The bracelets are made by the Songhai ethnic group to which Meikouba belongs.  The stones are extracted in outdoor marble quarries thought to be sacred.  According to animists, the sculptors are still sacrificing hens and sheep in these quarries as a token of gratitude to the rocks.  These talismans used to be worn by Bozo fisherman, convinced that it would strengthen their harpoons.



Length: 56 min.
Country: France
Language: English
Director: Fred Hilgemann
Producer: Regis Ayache
Producer Web site: www.ekla-prod.com
Distributor: EKLA Production
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