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Only a small number of traditional boatmen are still carrying out their craft of building Perahus on a small island called Pulau Duyong, or Mermaid Island.  This island sits in an estuary in the Sungai Terengganu River in Malaysia.  Through boatmen eyes, we will explore the delicate work of traditional boat making that has been overtaken by the development of modernization.  This kind of boat making is done by memory and has been passed down for centuries from master craftsmen to their apprentices; there are no blueprints.  It is here where many tourists travel to see this art being created in the absence of modern technology.  But how much longer will the tradition survive?



Length: 47 min.
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Director: Azhar Rudin
Producer: Monsoon Pictures and National Film Development Corporation Malaysia     
Producer Web site: N/A
Distributor: National Film Development Corporation Malaysia      
Distributor Web site: www.finas.gov.my



Awards/Selections: N/A