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Beneath the Medieval city of Narni, an Umbrian town in central Italy, a  young team of cavers discovers a series of mysterious underground rooms dating to the Holy Inquisition.  They began a thirty year quest for the truth behind the underground rooms and the meaning of a complex sequence of graffiti that was applied to the walls by an enigmatic prisoner in 1759.  A series of chance encounters and coincidences illuminates a trail of stolen documents, secret archives and an archaeological quest to reconstruct a page deleted from history.



Length: 58 min.
Country: Italy
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Director: Giorgio Serafini Prosperi
Producer: Association of Subterranean Culture
Producer Web site: narnisotterranea.it
Distributor: Association of Subterranean Culture
Distributor Web site: narnisotterranea.it




Lidf 2012
Lidf 2013
VAKANZ: Salon du Tourisme at Luxemburg (January 2013)
International Film festival of Archaeology at Rovereto: Winner for the Category “Archaelogy and Society”