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Cory Mann is a quirky Tlingit businessman hustling to make a dollar in Juneau, Alaska.  Each year, he puts his business on hold and spends a summer smoking salmon at his family’s traditional fish camp.  Here, the film weaves together Mann’s unique personal history, the largely untold history of his people and his effort to maintain a connection to Native American traditions while balancing the demands of modern-day life.  A playful exploration of Native American identity, Smokin’ Fish chronicles one man’s attempts to navigate the collision between the modern world and an ancient culture.



Length: 80 min.
Country: USA
Language: English & Tlingit
Director: Luke Griswold-Tergis and Cory Mann
Producer: Kaudli Nutz Productions
Producer Web site: N/A
Distributor: Documentary Educational Resources
Distributor Web site: www.der.org




Best doc, Montreal First Peoples Film Fest, 2012
Best Doc, Arizona International Film Fest, 2012
Audience award, Cowichan International Film Fest, 2012
Gathenburg Film Fest, 2013
Wild &Scenic Environmental Film Festival, 2012
Available Light Film Fest, Canada, 2012
Cowichan International Film Fest, Canada, 2012
Salem Documentary Film Fest, 2012
DOXA, Canada, 2012
Port Townsend Film Festival, 2012
Festival International Jean Rouch , 2012
IDFA, 2011
Mill Valley International 2011
Hawaii International 2011
Montreal First Poeples (Terres en Vue) Film Festival, 2011
Anchorage International 2011
American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco USA 2011
Society for Visual Anthropology 2011