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The Thousand and One Nights is a book of the strange and marvelous.  It tells of genies, good and bad; animals with the gift of human speech; magicians commanding evil powers; and fire-worshiping alchemists.  Of  magic carpets, talismans, and spells; bird-women and trees with human heads; snake queens and rocs, the giant birds with holy eggs; and a magical island and uncrossable seas.  These fantastic creatures inhabiting enchanted places produce a powerful imaginary force and a truly spectacular vision, while other characters engage in the most ordinary, everyday forms of human behavior.  In this film we see how this collection of tales began long ago in the mouths of Indian storytellers and accumulated through centuries and across many lands until they were published for delighted readers in Europe.



Length: 80 min.
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles
Director: Bruno Ulmer and Catherine Ulmer-Lopez
Producer: Cyrille Perez and Gilles Perez, 13 Productions
Producer Web site: www.13productions.fr
Distributor: ARTE France and 13 Productions
Distributor Web site: www.13productions.fr


Awards/Selections: N/A