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How did Angkor become the largest 13th Century city ever built?  Using the most sophisticated technologies in conjunction with research, archaeologists focused on statues, casts and documents handed down by Louis Delaporte to support findings.  Delaporte was one of the first explorers of Angkor in the 19th Century.  Researchers have been able to uncover how Khmer temples operated, the meaning of their architecture and how the capital of the Khmer Empire grew to become the largest city in the world at the end of the 13th Century.



Length: 90 min.

Country: France

Language: English

Director: Jean-Baptiste Gallot

Producer: ARTE France - Specialist France, Helene Colderly and Iliade Productions

Producer Web site: None

Distributor: None

Distributor Web site: None





21st Camerimage international Film Festival, Poland, 2013 (screening)

Festival dei Polpoli - International Documentary Film Festival, Italy 2013 (screening)

Cinema Verite - Iran International Documentary FF, 2013 Best Full- Length Documentary

Docudays UA International Human Rights

Documentary Film Festival, Ukraine, 2014 (competition)

24th MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival, Hungary, 2014 (competition)

DOXA - Documentary Film Festival, Canada, 2014 (competition)