Participation: How You Can Help Us (and Vice Versa!)

As a nonprofit organization, we at ALI can exist and provide our services (including TAC) only with your support. If you go away, we disappear. That is why we have designed programs for you to get on board with us as financial backers and volunteer staff members. We do everything possible to make your participation worthwhile for you.

Membership Program - TAC Membership is a very effective way for you to support the operation and development of The Archaeology Channel. If you have already become a supporting Member (as an individual or as an organization), thank you very much!. Here you can learn how to become a supporting Member and to renew that support.

Underwriting Program - We invite companies, organizations and individuals to consider underwriting The Archaeology Channel and our programs in other venues to secure valuable exposure while making a significant contribution to public education. Underwriting, a form of sponsorship for nonprofit organizations, promotes the Underwriter while supporting the nonprofit.

Volunteer Program - ALI and The Archaeology Channel could not operate without the generosity and hard work of our many volunteers, including in our office, in our local area and around the world. See what our volunteers are doing and how you can help us, too.