TAC International Film Festival 2019 Keynote Speaker:

EvanHadingham portrait CCHM

Evan Hadingham published his first book on early aviation as a teenager. He then developed a strong interest in archaeology and acquired a master’s degree in Prehistory and Archaeology from Sheffield University in England.

His feature articles on the archaeology of Egypt, China, Greece, and the Americas have appeared in magazines like The Atlantic Monthly, Smithsonian, Discover, and Reader’s Digest.

His books include Lines to the Mountain Gods, Ancient Carvings in Britain, Circles and Standing Stones, Early Man and the Cosmos, Secrets of the Ice Age, and The Fighting Triplanes.

In his research for Lines to the Mountain Gods, he traveled and photographed extensively in the Andes, and contributed to the PBS documentary series Mysteries of Peru.

In 1986, Hadingham was a Macy Fellow in Broadcast Journalism at WGBH-TV in Boston and became the Science Editor for NOVA in 1988. From 1995-1998, Hadingham was the Co-Executive Producer for the Discovery Channel’s series, Discover Magazine. Returning to NOVA in 1998 as Senior Science Editor, Hadingham resumed responsibility for the science content of all NOVA’s original documentaries and co-productions. For the NOVA productions, he is involved at every step, from development through final script writing. Among the shows he has produced for NOVA are Search for the First Americans, Who Killed the Red Baron? and Decoding Nazi Secrets.

Mr. Hadingham’s Keynote Address will take place at TAC Festival Banquet the evening of Wednesday, May 1, 2019, in the Hotel Eugene. Attendance is by reservation only.