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This short documentary captures the essence of a multi-disciplinary creative project that brings together Franco-Manitoban visual artist Colette Balcaen and embroiderer and stylist from Brittany, Pascal Jaouen, who collaborated with renowned Manitoban artisans and Métis embroiderers, Jennine Krauchi and Jenny Meyer, as well as Manitoban weaver Carole James. Colette Balcaen transmits her artistic expression through textiles, which are a representation of her passion for her language and culture.  Her art underlines the importance of the individual person and his or her role in society.  Using her knowledge of textiles and her repeated daily domestic tasks, she tells stories by using the parallel between written text and woven threads to form new information.


Screening time: Sunday, May 17, 1:45 pm (Session 7)



Length: 12 min.

Country: Canada

Language: English and French with English subtitles

Director: Danielle Sturk

Producer: Alliance Francaise Manitoba, Les Productions Diselle

Producer Web site: none

Distributor: Winnipeg Film Group

Distributor Web site: winnipegfilmgroup.com





ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival 2014 | Peterborough ON Canada | January 2014

Regent Park Film Festival 2013 | Toronto ON Canada | November 2013

Montreal First Peoples' Festival 2013 | Montréal QC Canada | August 2013

Haida Gwaii Film Festival 2013 | Queen Charlotte BC Canada | March 2013

Stepping Through Heaven: The Personal Films of Danielle Sturk | Winnipeg MB Canada | January 2013