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Gutenberg invented printing, the most consequential invention of the Middle Ages. The technical adventure of Gutenberg is very impressive. The printing press, the paper, the ink... . He manages to assemble all of these items, and to actually print books. Gutenberg tries a new form of layout and introduces a number of other innovations. The visual quality of his printing yields an extremely clear text. Gutenberg did things that had never been done before. We can, without exaggerating, speak of a revolution. Gutenberg is a multiplier. He invented speed in text reproduction; he invented modern printing. This film demonstrates how the movement commenced. By following Gutenberg’s adventure, we discover Medieval Society and a portrait of a businessman of that era. Even more, this film creates insight into a second media revolution: the Internet.

Screening time: 7:10-8:36 PM, Friday, May 3, 2019


Length: 86 mins

Country: France

Language: English and French with English Subtitles

Director: Marc Jampolsky

Producer: Seppia

Distributor: Seppia