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This film revolves around the 1866 Battle of Lissa, the first naval fleet battle to involve Ironclad warships, which triggered a fundamental geopolitical intgersection for several European nations in the context of the “Italian Risorgimento”—the unification of different Italian states into the Kingdom of Italy during the 19th century. The documentary team conducted underwater photography of the highest technical quality, shedding new light on the spirit of underwater exploration. From the point of view of naval archaeological history, it carries out a deep and complex dive of significant scientific value on a legendary wreck lost in the depths of the Adriatic Sea. This story moves forward as a poetic and personal tale full of action and wonder in a mosaic of visual, historical, anthropological, and mythological references.


Length: 77 mins.

Country: Italy, Croatia

Language: Italian, Croatian, and English; All with English subtitles

Director: Nicolo Bongiorno