In the Amazon Jungle, a tribe called the Satéré Mawé, with about 10 thousand living members, inhabits northern Amazonia, in Brazil. This film follows Sergio, a member of the Satéré Mawé tribe, who was born into that tribe, but who made the decision 25 years ago to study in a nearby town. Today, with his twelve-year-old son, he returns to the tribe in the jungle for his son to undergo the ritual “for becoming a man,”called Da Tucandeira. He has to join in with the Mawé tribal warriors to help perform this ritual for his son. As part of the ritual, his young son is required to put his hand into a glove full of stinging ants.


Length: 27 mins.

Country: France

Language: English

Director: Olivier Mirguet, Agnès Molia

Producer: Christie Molia, Agnès Molia

Distributor: Arte France