The Koi and Habemetol Pomo have called the majestic Clear Lake Basin home for an incredible 14,000 years. However, rapid urbanization and the looting of artifacts for sale on illegal markets has threatened to erase their long history and rich culture from this unique landscape. In an effort to protect these sacred sites, the tribes unite with their local governments and communities to preserve their priceless culture and past. This is a story of the those who occupied the Clear Lake Basin first and how they are trying to maintain the culture and history of their ancestral lands, told by representatives of the Pomo along with partners in the local and state governments.


Length: 29 mins.

Country: USA

Language: English

Director: Daniel Bruns

Producer: Dino Beltran, Sherry Treppa, Brian Brazeal

Distributor: CSU Chico Anthropology