About 4,000 years ago, Assyrian merchants established a commercial settlement in the ancient city-state of Kaneš, within central Anatolia. They came from Aššur, in northern Mesopotamia. We have come to understand their history through their writings on clay tablets that have stood the test of time. Excavators have unearthed more than 22,500 cuneiform tablets from the archaeological site of Kültepe. How and why did these Mesopotamian clay tablets arrive in Anatolia, and what do they tell us? The clay-inscribed voice of Tarām-Kūbi, an Assyrian woman who corresponded with her brother and her husband in Kaneš, takes us back to this ancient time.


Length: 47 mins.

Country: France

Language: English & French with Enlglish subtitles

Director: Vanessa Tubiana-Brun

Producer: Vanessa Tubiana-Brun

Distributor: Vanessa Tubiana-Brun