After 3000 tons of stones and 30 years of work, our protagonist is one step away from making a great discovery in Egypt. This is the story of a man who pursues his goals regardless of the opinion of skeptics or the mockery of disbelievers. Before him, he faces his last mission in the last place where the tomb of Pharaoh Herihor could exist. Follow him as he desperately attempts to uncover a mystery dating back to the 11th century BC, picking up clues along the way that his theory could in fact be correct—and in the end making a very shocking discovery.


Length: 40 mins.

Country: Poland

Language: English, Arabic & Polish with English Subtitles

Director: Monika Krupa

Producer(s): Dorota Mandziara, Pawel Kwiatkowski, Agnieszka Franusiak

Distributor: Trzyfilm, Pawel Kwiatkowski