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What is concentration camp music? How and why was it born? Maestro Francesco Lotoro's thirty years of work have been dedicated to finding answers to these questions. And so, this work becomes a journey, through space and time, through memories and archives, a journey through photographs, scores, melodies, and songs. But also among the wounds of memory and history, among private, personal entanglements, are the atrocious dynamics of the Second World War. "Music sets one free" contains this journey: through the voices and memories of direct and indirect witnesses, the tale of hope, and with it the power of music, comes to life in the emotions of Maestro Lotoro, who accompanies us on this journey in search of a ray of light in the darkness of the barbarity of war.


Length: 56 mins.

Country: Italy

Language: Italian with English Subtitles

Director: Alessandra Peralta

Producer(s): Luigi Bertolo

Distributor: RAI COM