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Stretching for hundreds of miles, the Rhone valley is bordered by mountains. This important valley system, for at least three hundred thousand years, was known to archaic human hunter-gatherer nomads, as testified by several archaeological sites. Later, during a warm interglacial phase, Neanderthals hunted horse and bison in the valley, leaving their flint tools and organic discard in many cave areas, including evidence of their interaction with hyenas, as well as clear traces of cannibalism. In this film, we present an overland journey into the Rhone Valley to discover an area where the very first modern humans arriving in Europe encountered the Neanderthals. Later, modern human clans explored the remarkable Ardèche canyons of the Valley and left their artwork inside the Chauvet Cave, the most astonishing Paleolithic cave of Europe. Come with us on a voyage through wilderness and through time… Into the Paleolithic!


Length: 53 mins.

Country: France

Language: French with English Subtitles

Director: Rob Hope

Producer(s): Mona-Lisa Production - Intervista Prod

Distributor: N/A