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In southwestern Madagascar, the Mahafaly Plateau is an extremely arid land. Here, the rains fall only a few times a year. In these very difficult living conditions, the inhabitants of the small village of Ampotaka found a unique solution to store water. For the last ten years, film-maker Cyrille Cornu, who is also a scientist, explorer, naturalist, and photographer, has organized expeditions to the heart of the most remote forests on the island. This is the first film of a three-part series devoted to these Madagascar giants, the baobab trees, and includes the story of Mamody, an inhabitant of Ampotaka and the last baobab digger.


Length: 52 mins.

Country: France

Language: English w/ Subtitles

Director: Cyrille Cornu

Producer(s): Cyrille Cornu

Distributor: Cyrille Cornu