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The Spanish Civil War, and the subsequent regime of Francisco Franco, left a legacy of terror: tens of thousands of murdered civilians, buried anonymously and lost to oblivion. About 85 years on, why dig up one of Europe’s largest mass graves and the thousands of victims of Franco’s regime within it? In 2020, the mass grave of Pico Reja, which is estimated to entomb more than 2000 civilian victims of Franco’s repression, remained closed in the Seville cemetery. In this film, the opening of this mass grave takes us through its own history—even uncovering new, undocumented facts.


Length: 93 mins.

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish with English Subtitles

Director: Remedios Malvárez

Producer(s): Remedios Malvarez / Arturo Andújar

Distributor: Producciones Singulares