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Despite a historical legacy that dealt the dark cards of slavery, holocaust and poverty, music has always been the winning hand for Gypsy survival. From the deserts of Rajasthan to the ghettos of Bucharest, “Run Raven Run” explores the resounding pain and pleasure that emanates from the unvanquished soul of Gypsy music. According to the film’s director, this is a groundbreaking music documentary about the past and present of Roma music. But much more than that, the film also depicts how venerable traditions are turned upside down by new movements being spawned inside inaccessible ghettos. It shows the rise of youth culture to redefine outdated values of society.


Length: 101 mins.

Country: USA

Language: English, Romanian w/ English subtitles

Director: Michael Rainin

Producer(s): Michael Rainin

Distributor: Rainpix, Inc.