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Welcome to our video area! We’ve been offering streaming video since 2000, so by now our video content has grown substantially and comes in a variety of categories.


Video Guide List – A complete list of stand-alone video titles. This does not include our Video News from TAC monthly programs or our Video Interviews. Click on a title for more information and to play the video in Flash. Windows Media Player links are on the information summary pages.


Video Guide Summary – Go here to see the stand-alone video titles displayed with their descriptive information and to select a player option (either Flash or Windows Media Player).


Video Guide Map – A world map displaying the locations featured by our videos.


Strata: Portraits of Humanity – A monthly half-hour newsmagazine-style show.  Each episode of the human story is a portrait building on the many layers of the human experience.


Video News from TAC – A half-hour video newsmagazine each month bringing you stories from the wide world of archaeology. Posted on TAC and available across North America on cable TV.


Video Interviews – Interesting people with interesting things to tell us.


Video Commentaries – Thoughtful people on camera offering their views and perspectives.