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Location: Yucatan, Mexico         Length: 11 min

More than 1000 years ago in northern Yucatan, Maya people from the great city of Cobá built a 60-mile stone causeway to Yaxuná, imposing an alliance on the local government. When warriors of Uxmal joined this alliance, Yaxuná found itself at the heart of a war against legendary Chichén Itzá, a war the alliance clearly lost. Now archaeologists working with local Maya people have uncovered evidence of the ritual destruction inflicted upon Yaxuná by that war's victors, as well as much more about life in a classic and once-beautiful Maya city.

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Maya Adventure (Science Museum of Minnesota)

Mystery of the Maya (Canadian Museum of Civilization)

Phillip Hofstetter's Panoramas and Images of the Maya Lowlands

The Yaxuná Archaeology Project (CSU East Bay)