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Location: New Mexico         Length: 28 min

Produced under the New Mexico Historic Preservation Fund, this is an engaging exploration of modern science applied to ancient times. All that's dry or dusty about this program are Robert A. Burns' shoes as he leads the viewer through ancient ruins, ghost towns, forts, and museums as well as high-tech laboratories across New Mexico. This video explains why archaeology is relevant and important not only to archaeologists, who use remarkably clever techniques to tease out clues about the past, but also to all people of today and in the future.

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Copyright 1996 by New Mexico Historic Preservation Division

Produced by Rondo Films in association with the State of New Mexico Historic Preservation Division

Video purchase information: Copies available for purchase by contacting New Mexico State Archaeologist Glenna Dean, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Price is $15, including postage.

Museum of New Mexico Media Center

Chronology of Southwestern Archaeology (University of California at San Diego)

The New Mexico Archaic

New Mexico Department of Historic Preservation (Museum of New Mexico)

Museum of New Mexico (New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs)