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Location: Louisiana         Length: 7 min

Debbie Buco's students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades at Galvez Primary School in Prairieville, Louisiana, studied various historic sites in Louisiana and learned about the state's unique architecture, archaeology, and cultural landscapes. Supported by a Heritage Education mini-Grant, Debbie and her students studied and made this video about Poverty Point, Los Adaes, Evangeline Oak, Laura Plantation, Oakley Plantation, Fort Butler, and the Sylvest House. The video demonstrates the instructional potential of film projects for kids.

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Copyright 2003 by Galvez Primary School, Prairieville, Louisiana

Galvez Primary School  (Google Maps)

Laura Plantation

Los Adaes State Historic Site

Louisiana Division of Archaeology (Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism)

Oakley Plantation House (NPS)

Sylvest House (NPS)

Poverty Point State Historic Site