Location: UK         Length: 8 min

This film is a video mirror between the Past and the Future displayed on the tactile surface of Neolithic sarsen stone. In this projected dimension, three key archaeology/media figures discuss archaeology's portrayal on UK television: Mike Pitts, Editor of British Archaeology magazine; Francis Pryor, President of the Council for British Archaeology; and Julian Richards, TV and radio broadcaster. Archaeology has become very popular on UK television, prompting questions about the proper relationship between the profession and the medium.

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Copyright 2004 by Sean Caveille

Filmed, produced and directed by Sean Caveille

Julian Richards (University of York-Department of Anthropology)

Big Roman Dig (UK Channel 4)

British Archaeology Magazine

Council for British Archaeology

Profile of Dr. Francis Pryor (Peterborough Telegraph)

Time Team (UK Channel 4)

University of Bristol MA in Archaeology for Screen Media