Location: Iraq         Length: 28 min

This film in very shocking fashion details the horrendous destruction of the oldest treasures of human civilization held in the museums and archives of Iraq in the wake of the 2003 U.S. invasion. At that time, millennia of history were bombed, looted and destroyed. With them went a large part of our precious memory and knowledge of Iraq as a cradle of human civilization. Much of the footage shown is from the time and place of the destruction, which stands as a prime example of the loss of treasured cultural patrimony that often is caused by war.

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Produced by Suzy Salamy of Deep Dish TV in 2005

Deep Dish TV

Iraq Museum Database (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

Iraq Museum International (Baghdad Museum Project)

Mesopotamia (British Museum)

Resources on The Looting and Destruction of the Collections of the National Museum and Library of Iraq, April 2003 (Vassar College Libraries)