(1) Reconstruction of the South Yard, the slave quarters at the James Madison mansion, marks the beginning of a new chapter at Montpelier.  (2) A beautiful Iron Age Mirror found by a metal detectorist in Oxfordshire, UK, is a piece of craftmanship used more than 2,000 years ago.  (3) HMS Fowey, a British frigate, struck a coral reef and sank in 1748, coming to rest within the boundaries of Biscayne National Park.  The National Park Service conducted underwater excavations on the site.

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Archaeological Finds (Oxfordshire County Council Museums)

Curator’s Choice: A beautifully crafted Through the Looking Glass-style 1st Century BC mirror (Culture 24)

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The Legare Anchorage shipwreck site—Grave of HMS Fowey, Biscayne National Park, Florida (International Journal of Nautical Archaeology)

Oxfordshire Iron Age Mirror (Sharon Woodward)

South Yard Restoration (Montpelier)