(1) Biscayne National Park and the NPS Submerged Resources Center partnered with Youth Diving With a Purpose for a youth engagement project on shipwreck archaeology.  (2) For 500 years, an exquisite Renaissance fresco, the “Forty Martyrs of Sebaste,” has remained hidden, forgotten and neglected in a 14th Century church in Famagusta, Cyprus.  The Forty charts the painstaking work of rescuing the fresco from obscurity and ruin, a pioneering project that puts heritage above politics.  After decades of neglect, saving Famagusta’s forgotten frescoes begins.

Produced in 2015 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Copyright 2015 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste: A Unique Wallpainting Fragment Preserved through International Cooperation (World Monuments Fund)

Historic Walled City of Famagusta (World Monuments Fund)

National Park Service Submerged Resources Center

Maritime Heritage Trail, Biscayne National Park (National Park Service)

The Walled City of Famagusta: A Compendium of Preservation Studies, 2008-2012 (World Monuments Fund)

Youth Diving with a Purpose (National Park Service)