(1) Continuing our series of new and occasional interviews with archaeologist newsmakers, Rick Pettigrew interviews Dr. Loren Davis, Oregon State University archaeologist, about the discovery of 16,000-year-old human occupation at the Coopers Ferry Site in Idaho. (2) Seventh generation Squamish Nation canoe carver Mike Billy, Sr., carves a dugout canoe with his son and nephews at the Canoe Cultures program in Vancouver, B.C. This knowledge keeper shares the skills that were passed on to him with future generations of dugout war canoe builders.

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Dating of a large tool assemblage at the Cooper’s Ferry site (Idaho, USA) to ~15,785 cal yr B.P. extends the age of stemmed points in the Americas (Science Advances)

Oregon State archaeologists uncover oldest known projectile points in the Americas (Oregon State University)

Peopling of the Americas (Wikipedia)


Squamish Nation