Location: Iceland         Length: 16 min

This video describes the Mosfell Archaeological Project, an interdisciplinary research project employing saga studies, archaeology, physical anthropology, and environmental sciences. The project's goal is to construct a picture of human habitation and environmental change in the Mosfell region of southwestern Iceland. Work at Kirkjuhll in 2002 revealed a conversion period wooden stave church and a Christian cemetery with skeletons. The Mosfell Project contributes to the larger study of Viking Age and later medieval Iceland.

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A film by Steven Ross

Copyright 2004 by Steven Ross

Iceland (Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution)

Iceland’s Unwritten Saga (Zach Zorich, Archaeology Magazine)

Institute of Archaeology, Iceland

The Mosfell Archaeological Project

A Viking Age farm, church, and cemetery at Hrísbrú, Mosfell Valley, Iceland (Antiquity, Vol. 77, No. 297, September 2003)