(1) ALI Executive Director Rick Pettigrew visited Rovereto, Italy, in October 2013 to serve on the jury for the annual International Review of Archaeological Cinema. (2) Divers and snorkelers can tour six shipwrecks on the Maritime Heritage Trail in Biscayne National Park. The British steamer Lugano ran aground in a storm in 1913. (3) In the Spanish town of Tauste, excavators uncovered a large Moorish cemetery dating from the 8th to the 11th Century. Now we know that early Tauste was much larger and more complex than formerly thought.

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Islamic Necropolis Investigations in Tauste, Spain (El Patiaz Cultural Association)

Islam in Spain (Wikipedia)

Maritime Heritage Trail, Biscayne National Park (National Park Service)

Biscayne National Park (National Geographic)