Location: South Carolina         Length: 27 min.

It was a time when our climate was cooler. Great ice sheets covered the northern areas of what was to become the United States. At the Topper Site in what is now Allendale County, South Carolina, artifacts have been found that show early humans were coming to ancient chert quarries, making rudimentary knives and other tools. This South Carolina Educational TV documentary covers the careful study and analysis of artifacts, let by Dr. Albert C. Goodyear, leading to evidence of early humans that dates back 15,000–20,000 years ago.

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Produced by South Carolina ETV and by Steve Folks, Al Goodyear and Jim Welch

Funded by a grant from Clariant Corporation

Savannah River Archaeology Research Program

Reflections on Our Past: The Archaeology of South Carolina (Chicora Foundation)

South Carolina ETV

Albert Goodyear (Wikipedia)

Clovis Biface Technology at the Topper Site, South Carolina: Evidence for Variation and Technological Flexibility (PDF)

USC Excavation Site Yields Vital Discovery (Zinken)