TAC International Film and Video Festival Guedelon: The First 10 Years



 Castle at Guédelon  Worker Laboring at Guédelon






Visiting Guédelon is like a journey into the past. The reason is simple. In the forest of Saint Sauveur, a castle is being built, using thirteenth century techniques. The natural site provides them with all the building materials they need: water, stone, earth, sand, and wood. In Guédelon, no excavator, no drill, no electricity, and no internal combustion engine is used. Quarriers, stone hewers, masons, and carpenters work as they would have seven centuries ago, but this time in front of visitors. This lively, building yard with towers, curtains and the keep will spend 25 years in the making. A well-known French site where Reinhard Kungel and his team have been working since 1999, it receives more than 250,000 visitors each year.




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Length: 80 min.
Country: Germany
Language: German, English, French
Producer: Reinhard Kungel, rk-film
Producer website: Reinhard Kungel Film
Distributor: rk-film
Distributor Web site: Reinhard Kungel Film