TAC International Film and Video Festival Genghis Khan: Rider of the Apocalypse




Tapestry of Genghis Khan crossing the Tigris River        Genghis Khan re-enactment



The infamous Genghis Khan was born some 850 years ago and came to rule the largest empire in the history of the world. In so doing, he changed the course of history as no one before or since. Let's find out how this world-changing figure emerged in this opulent film with a cast of hundreds of actors. Lavish scenes bring to life the lost world of history's most powerful and feared warlord.




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Length: 52:14 min.
Country: Austria
Language: English
Producer: Dr. Heinrich Mayer
Producer: N/A
Distributor: ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corp., Natural History Unit)
Distributor Web site: http://www.kftv.com/company-17475.html
Copyright: 2004 by ORF



Festival Screenings and Awards:

ICRONOS, Bordeau, France 2006
Rasegna, Ravereto, Italy 2006
Grand Prix du Public, FIDOC, 2006
AGON, Athens, Greece 2006
Jules Verne (France), 2006
New York Festival, 2006
Frapna, 2006
World Congress of History Producers 2005
Sichuan, China 2005
Emmy Awards 2005
Cine Styria 2005
Golden Eagle Award, CINE Golden Eagle 2006
Shanghai TV Festival 2005
Riena 2005
URTI 2005
BANFF, Canada 2005
Silver Screen Award, US International Film and Video Festival 2006