TAC International Film and Video Festival Ausangate



Quechua Woman with Goat  Ausangate Peak


Based on anthropological research conducted over twenty years, this film documents the lives of the Quechua people who live in the shadow of Ausangate, a sacred peak in southeast Peru. Surrounded by the high Andean mountains and alpine lakes, these Quechua people exist in a harsh symbiosis with nature. Faced with the pressures of modernization, these people are increasingly confronted with choices about whether to move to the cities in search of jobs and education, or to continue a traditional lifestyle that has sustained them for centuries.





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Length: 61 min.
Country: USA
Language: Quechua, Spanish, English
Producer: Andrea Heckman, Tad Fettig, Judy Walgren
Producer Web site: N/A
Distributor: Documentary Educational Resources
Distributor Web site:www.der.org
Copyright: 2006 by Documentary Educational Resources



Festival Screenings and Awards:

Taos Mountain Film Festival, New Mexico, 2006
Green Wave 21st Century European Environmental Festival, Bulgaria, 2007
New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase, Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, NM, 2007
Boston Latino International Film festival, 2007