TAC International Film and Video Festival Hand Made: Three Stories from Guatemala


Hecho a Mano is a film about a people emerging, through their own impressive efforts, out of a dark past.  Living in a nation with a history of severe under representation of indigenous Maya communities, Saul Roblero, a twenty-four year old aspiring Guatemalan journalist, sets off across his nation’s countryside to do what few have done before:  have the Maya people tell their own stories!  The resulting journey honestly reveals the voices of communities within the greater Maya civilization.




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Length: 27 min.
Country: Guatemala, USA
Distributor: Ryan Polomski
Contact: Ryan Polomski, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Festival Screenings and Awards:


     University of Texas at Austin, “Latin American Collection,” 2002

     Cinema La Dona, San Cristobal, MX 2002

     Kai Balam Cultural Center, Quezaltenango Guatemala, 2002

    Cinema Texas Film Festival, Austin Texas, 2002

    The Crystal Theatre, Missoula MT, 2002