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The Archaeology Channel
International Film Festival

Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!

June 23 - 27, 2021

Conference on Cultural Heritage Media

Civic Winery, Eugene, Oregon, USA

June 24 - 26, 2021

Film Festival Screenings

Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute, Eugene, Oregon, USA
June 24 - 27, 2021

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The Shedd Institute for the Preforming Arts

Four days of juried films and videos on archaeological and indigenous topics:

  • Thursday evening, June 24
  • Friday evening, June 25
  • Saturday, June 26: morning, afternoon and evening
  • Sunday, June 27: morning, afternoon and evening
  • Awards Reception Sunday evening, June 27

Film Screening Schedule

Three days of presentations, discussions and exhibits on cultural heritage media at The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Media:

  • Thursday, June 24, through Saturday, June 26, 2021

Local information:

Festival Mission

To exhibit for our audience the wonderful diversity of human cultures past and present in the exploration of our place in history and in our world. To promote and celebrate the genre and the makers of all audiovisual cultural heritage media.

Selected Films


Keynote Speaker (Wednesday evening at the Festival Banquet in the Gordon Hotel)

Dr. Jaime Bach, Archaeologist for SEARCH



Tickets for film screenings at The Shedd Institute, Sheffer Recital Hall, are free and will be available in the Cole Gallery.

Tickets for single Conference presentations and full-day Conference passes will be available at the door. Full Conference registration ($130); Single Presentation Pass ($10); Full Day Pass ($50); non-presenter Amelia Earhart-Fred Noonan Symposium ONLY ($50; includes optional remote participation). For more information about the Conference on Cultural Heritage Media and Registration, click here.


TAC Festival Banquet

An important social event at TAC Festival is the Festival Banquet, which takes place the evening of June 23, 2021, 6-9 pm, at the Gordon Hotel. The Banquet fee is $55. This is the venue for our Keynote Address. Registration for this event is accomplished through our Banquet Registration Form (PDF) (.docx).


Other Activities

Keynote Speaker (Festival Banquet)

Dr. Jaime Bach, Archaeologist for SEARCH

Gordon Tavern
555 Oak Street

Wednesday, June 23, 6 - 9 pm

Fee: $55/plate

The 2019 National Geographic documentary, “Expedition Amelia,” focused on the work of Robert Ballard and his high-tech undersea search around Nikumaroro Island for the Lockheed Electra airplane piloted by Amelia Earhart, who disappeared in 1937 during her attempt to fly around the world. The TV presentation made reference to the terrestrial research that took place simultaneously on the island, but the emphasis clearly was on Ballard, famously the man who located the Titanic. One person who participated in many parts of the 2019 fieldwork was Dr. Jaime Bach. In her Keynote Address, Dr. Bach will share her observations on what actually took place during that expedition and what we have learned from it.


Saturday Social

WOW Hall
291 West 8th Street

Saturday, 26 June, 7 - 10 pm

Ages: Open to all ages

Fee: FREE! No pre-registration required

Hobnob with filmmakers, Festival organizers, Conference presenters, and other Festival-goers while enjoying food and drink and grooving to the voice and guitar of Socrates Thalassos. At this party, we let our hair down and cultivate an authentic form of American cultural heritage. This is all free, but we’ll give you a chance to make a contribution if you like!


Awards Reception

WOW Hall
291 West 8th Street

Sunday, 27 June, 7 - 9 pm

Ages: Open to all ages

Fee: $5 general admission; free for Conference registrants. Tickets at the door. No pre-registration required.

After all the films have been screened and you have cast your ballots, join us for some finger food and beverages as we compile the results of the competition. When the jury and audience voting tallies are complete, sit back and watch the announcement of the winners. We will show clips of the top films and open sealed envelopes to reveal the final outcome. The room has limited capacity, so don’t be late!


Sponsors for the 2021 TAC International Film Festival

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Dr. William Maier and Kathy Black

Dr. Timothy Arbow


Robert Carmichael DDS

Susan Long