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Wednesday, July 14th

The following trips will be available to attendees of The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival. These trips are ALL DAY trips lasting about 7.5 hours. For each trip, roughly 1.5 hours of travel time is required each way. These trips will take place during the day on Wednesday, July 14th, Thursday, July 15th, and Friday, July 16th. A $15 donation is requested for participants. Space is limited, so pre-registration is required. Please register early. Space availability can be increased if the demand is high. Festival tickets will be required of all participants. All of these trips will be leaving from the McDonald Theatre, 10th and Willamette, in downtown Eugene. There is a public parking facility one block east of the theater. These trips explore various archaeological and geographic sites in the Willamette National Forest. Following are the trip descriptions.


Important Trip Information:
  • All trips leave from the McDonald Theatre at 9:00 am and return at 4:30 pm
  • 1.5 hours of van travel is required each way
  • Please bring a sack lunch and beverage (food is available on some trips)
  • Bring bug spray, sunscreen, rain jacket, hiking shoes, warm clothing

Wednesday, July 14th

McKenzie River Scenic Tour
Description: Enjoy spectacular natural & cultural sites along the McKenzie River. Begin with a tour of the historic Fish Lake Remount Station (approx 1 ½ hours); Visit Clear Lake, a geologic wonder of the western Cascades, formed by a lava flow from Little Nash Crater about 3000 years ago, drowning a mature forest still visible underwater. Eat lunch here at the café or bring your own. Continue on down the river to Sahalie Falls; take a short hike down to Koosah Falls.
Trip Specifics: Path is paved, gently sloping downhill. One way or round trip is possible (waterfall loop 1½ hours, or if time is limited go one way (45 min.) and we'll pick up participants at Koosah. Hike rates EASY to MODERATE.


Thursday, July 15th

People of the Ancient Forests Tour
Description: Walk among the tall trees of the Fall Creek drainage while learning about the archaeology of this area of the Western Cascades. Enjoy your picnic lunch at CCC-constructed Clark Creek Organization camp (bring your own lunch). Restriction may prohibit entry to the fire area, in which case we will visit Huckleberry Lookout and or other recently rehabilitated historic structures.
Trip Specifics: Hike Rating MODERATE. Return to Eugene by about 5:00 pm.


Friday, July 16th

A Short Trip on the Santiam Wagon Road
Description: Stroll along about 2½ miles of well preserved wagon road, through native NW forests along the South Santiam River in the Cascade Range while learning about the local natural and cultural history. Bring Lunch to eat along the way and plan to stop for fresh pie or other snacks at the historic Mountain House before heading back down to Eugene.
Trip specifics: This hike would be considered MODERATE due to length and undulating landscape.

Please contact Archaeological Legacy Institute either by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by phone (541-344-5572) to register for one of these tours.