TAC International Film and Video Festival Kurtal: Snake Spirit




Kurtal-Snake Spirit follows the journey of Spider, an 80-year-old Aboriginal elder, as he travels with his family to his birthplace in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia to visit Kurtal, a sacred waterhole. Here, he communicates with his ancestors through Kurtal, the Snake Spirit.





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Length: 28 min.
Country: Australia
Language: English
Producer: Nicole Ma
Documentary Educational Resources

Festival Screenings and Awards:

Previously Screened At: forumdoc.bh.2003, Documentary & Ethnographic Film Festival of Belo Horizante, Brazil, 2003
Shown On: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2003
Best Indigenous Resource, Best Short Form Documentary: Australian Teacher's of Media Awards, 2002
Best Documentary: Religion Today, International Festival of Cinema & Religion, Italy, 2003