TAC International Film and Video Festival Sagalassos: the Forgotten City




This film recounts twelve years of interdisciplinary excavation and reconstruction work done in the ancient Anatolian city of Sagalassos, the most important excavation site in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Film material, on-location interviews, special effects and 3D computer graphics allow the viewer to discover the history of this prosperous city. Sagalassos was the capital of Pisidia, successively occupied by Greek, Roman, and Byzantine populations, destroyed by an earthquake in the 7th century and abandoned, to be eventually forgotten.





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Length: 52 min.
Country: Belgium
Language: English
Producer: Philippe Axell

Axell Communication 

Festival Screenings and Awards:

Previously Screened At:
Kineon International Festival of Archaeological Film, Festival, Brussels, 2003
Toulouse Archaeological Film Festival, France, 2003
Grand Prize; Nyon International Archaeological Film Festival, 2003
Second Place Rovereto Archaeological Film Festival, 2003