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The enduring icon of the Eternal City for the last 2000 years, the Colosseum was ancient Rome’s architectural masterwork. Its graceful and harmonious proportions concealed a highly efficient design, advanced construction methods and state-of-the-art plumbing and sewage. But the Colosseum was also a mighty monument to Roman imperial power and cruelty. The spectacles staged there involved the killing of tens of thousands of gladiators, slaves, prisoners, and wild animals. Join us as we explore the dual nature of this glorious ruin that so closely tracks the genius and cruelty of the Romans.

Screening time: Friday, 13 May, 7:10 pm (Session 2, The Shedd Recital Hall)


Length: 42 min.

Country: France and USA

Language: English

Director: Pascal Cuissot

Producer: Valerie Abita

Distributor: ZED

Distributor Web site: http://www.zed.fr