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lenapechief web

Location: Delaware, USA       Length: 20 min.

This video is an exploration of the practitioner’s personal side of archaeology…


Location: Brazil         Length: 12 min

This video describes the Archaeological Scientific Salvage and Cultural Heritage Management Program of Taguatinga Valley in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia.


Location: Arizona         Length: 12 min.

This video takes you on a virtual tour of archaeology and explains why the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation sponsored archaeology before the Central Arizona Project was built to irrigate the desert…


Location: Maine

These pottery fragments (left) of a 17th century ceramic jug made in Germany were recently found buried in the state of Maine (USA) at the Ft. St. George archaeological site. Founded in 1607 and abandoned in 1608, the Popham Colony is a time capsule of life at the dawn of the English colonial period in North America… 


Location: Spain         Length: 30 min.

The gently rolling hills of the Sierra de Atapuerca in Spain hold many limestone caves used by humans for almost one million years. Using lots of computer 3D graphics, this documentary brings us face to face with discoveries made over the last twenty years at archaeological sites there…


Location: Peru         Length: 7 min

Atipanakuy is a Quechua word meaning "confrontation" or "fight." This imaginative film, much of it in Quechua with English and Spanish subtitles, reflects the Taki Ongoy cultural resistance movement of the 1500s and the rediscovery of Peruvian history through the rebirth of two scissors dancers, who dance through modern Peruvian culture…


Location: Missouri        Length: 12 min

Normally, archaeological survey of proposed highway corridors takes place during the planning phase of the work. Sometimes, the initial ground check leads to further investigation and even full-scale excavation of archaeological sites in the path of the roadway…

afroamericanworker web

Location: Georgia, USA       Length: 16 min.

The Avondale Burial place is an unmarked and forgotten African American burial ground…


Location: Guatemala         Length: 24 min.

On a lake set amongst volcanoes in the Guatemalan highlands lies the contemporary Mayan town of Santiago Atitlan…

houseandpeople web

Location: Arizona, USA        Length: 4 min.

In an area of northeastern Arizona formerly used by the Zuni, Hopi, Apache, and Navaho, archaeologists with the Arizona Department of Transportation explore a prehistoric habitation site…