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Strata - May 2023

close up of a tribal elder's face in a skin cap with antlers

"Dream” animated film, “Smoke and Ocher” drama

“Dream”: Based on the art works of Mahmoud Farshchian...

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Strata - April 2023

Overhead view of a person and car in desert

Nick Card interview, “Artifact” film

 In a series of new and occasional interviews with archaeologist newsmakers...

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Strata - March 2023

Two cloth puppets on a stage

X-rays, carbon dating, Guatemala puppeteers

In ArchaeoDuck's Virtual Field School, Dr. Derek Pitman demonstrates the uses of x-ray...

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Strata - February 2023

overhead image of a ancient Gallo-roman reaper in a field with two field hands

Ancient reaper

The Gallo-Roman reaper, or vallus, is an amazing agricultural instrument...

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Strata - January 2023

woman's face, close up with her eyes closed

ArchaeoDuck: Corpses seen in the movies

See two episodes of ArchaeoDuck...

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Featured Audio

Audio News from Archaeologica, May 21st through the 27th, 2023

World’s oldest blueprints; First battle site, French and Indian War; Mid-Pleistocene controlled cooking fires; Brittany multi-religion Roman temple

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Audio News from Archaeologica, May 14th through the 20th, 2023

Megalithic tomb in Spain; Maya ballgame scoreboard; Germany’s oldest human footprints; Roman sites in Scotland

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Audio News from Archaeologica, May 7th through the 13th, 2023

DNA evidence for New World migrations from China; teenage colonist in Maryland; Indus Civilization decline by drought; Neolithic road beneath Adriatic Sea

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Audio News from Archaeologica, April 30th through May 6th, 2023

Buddha in Egypt; submerged cemetery in Florida; AI model to translate cuneiform; 150,000-year-old Senegalese site

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Audio News from Archaeologica, April 23rd through the 29th, 2023

Wooden mask from Osaka; ancient Parisian cemetery; early Puerto Rico burials; Spanish Pleistocene bone tool and early clothing

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