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Strata - May 2020

chloe one web

Sculpting Armenian cross-stones; how to become an archaeologist

In his workshop, master sculptor Artak Hambardzumyan of Yerevan, Armenia, continues an ancient tradition... 

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Strata - April 2020

glass pattern web

Archaeology on the road in Spain; traditional mirror handicraft in Iran

Chloe Duckworth and her colleague travel around southern Spain... 

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Strata - March 2020

mammothtexas web

field school in Spain; peopling of Americas

Chloe Duckworth introduces us to her dig at the Alhambra in Spain and to some of her field crew... 

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Strata - February 2020

gundrestrupcauldron web

Stone, Bronze and Iron ages; Caveirac Castle

Chloe Duckworth takes us to the National Museum of Denmark, where C. J. Thomsen in the 19th century began dividing prehistory... 

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Strata - January 2020

galley web

The Battle of Jerash

Set on the grounds of a preserved Roman hippodrome, a group of performing legionnaires, gladiators and charioteers... 

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Featured Audio

Audio News from Archaeologica, May 17 through May 23, 2020

Early footprints in Tanzania; modeling Neanderthal extinction; cadaver dogs in archaology; early bone arrowpoint in southern Africa

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Audio News from Archaeologica, May 10 through May 16, 2020

Maize came shortly before Cahokia; global cooling prompted spread of rice; ancient Africa and epidemics; dating the collapse of Negev farming

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Audio News from Archaeologica, May 3 through May 9, 2020

Cahokia causeway orientation; dietary shift in early Indonesia; X-rays explore Mary Rose artifacts; archaeological perspective on pandemic effects

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Audio News from Archaeologica, April 26 through May 2, 2020

New dates correct the story of early contact in North America; burials inside homes at Çatalhöyük; unique Roman burial goods in Bulgaria; first Africans in Mexico City

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Audio News from Archaeologica, April 19 through April 25, 2020

Ottoman merchant ship with surprising cargo; Salish Sea basin population was large and ancient; increased use of marine resources by Scandinanvian hunter-gatherers; cuisines of ancient Baltic hunter-gatherers

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