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Robert Blake and the Civil War Sieges of Taunton


Be prepared for a truly fresh look at the exploits of English Parliamentarian commander Robert Blake under Oliver Cromwell during the first English Civil War...

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - November 2015


Youth diving on shipwrecks; saving Cyprus frescoes


Biscayne National Park and the NPS Submerged Resources Center partnered with Youth Diving With a Purpose for a project on shipwreck archaeology.  For 500 years, a Renaissance fresco, the “Forty Martyrs of Sebaste,” has remained hidden, forgotten and neglected...

Tomb of the Hidden Mummies


In 1871, in the cliffs of Deir El Behri, not far from Luxor in Egypt, a young boy called Ahmed El-Rassul accidentally discovered a hidden tomb in the belly of the mountain near his home...

Naia and the Moon


This imaginative drama is based on a tale from the Amazon forest, in which young Naia learns from her tribe’s elders of how the stars in the sky came to be...

Passport In Time: Identifying Artifacts at Edge of the Cedars Museum


Volunteers help the Manti-La Sal National Forest and the Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding, Utah, to catalogue artifacts.  The artifacts, collected in the 1970s, are from hundreds of Ancestral Puebloan sites dated 500-1300 AD...

Featured Audio

Audio News from Archaeologica, 15 Nov 2015 - 21 Nov 2015


Persian Gulf port; new Monte Verde survey; Greek fort in Ukraine; ancient board game in Chinese tomb


Audio News from Archaeologica, 8 Nov 2015 - 14 Nov 2015


Earliest church in tropical Africa; earliest Neolithic use of honey; new colosseum in Tuscany; rare DNA in Inca mummy


Audio News from Archaeologica, 1 Nov 2015 - 7 Nov 2015


Greek fort in Jerusalem; California military base survey; birchbark letter in Moscow; unplundered Mycenean tomb


Audio News from Archaeologica, 25 Oct 2015 - 31 Oct 2015


Animal foods of Maya social classes; dingoes and Aboriginal female hunters; Mesolithic house near Stonehenge; Acadian church discovery


Audio News from Archaeologica, 18 Oct 2015 - 24 Oct 2015


Viking sword discovery; pre-alphabetic script on Egyptian sherd; Siberian death masks; Medusa head in Turkey


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