The Archaeology Channel
International Film Festival

Film Screenings: Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!

Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute, Eugene, Oregon, USA
May 4 - 7, 2017

The Archaeology Channel
Conference on Cultural Heritage Media

Hilton Eugene and Conference Center, Eugene, Oregon, USA
May 3 - 7, 2017

Short video on our 2016 TAC International Film and Video Festival:


Four days of juried films and videos on archaeological and indigenous topics:

  • Thursday evening, May 4
  • Friday evening, May 5
  • Saturday, May 6: morning, afternoon and evening
  • Sunday, May 7: morning, afternoon and evening
  • Awards Reception Sunday evening, May 7

Film Screening Schedule

Four days of presentations, discussions and exhibits on cultural heritage media at The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Media:

  • Wednesday, May 3, through Saturday, May 6

Local information:

Festival Mission

To exhibit for our audience the wonderful diversity of human cultures past and present in the exploration of our place in history and in our world. To promote the genre and the makers of film and video productions about cultural heritage.

Selected Films

  • Agacheri Turks: The Woodmen of Anatolia
  • Approaches: Saint Michel de Cuxa
  • The Bridge Recovered
  • Chambord: The Castle, the King and the Architect
  • The Destruction of Memory
  • The Enigma of the Great Menhir
  • The Experts Travel Back in Time: The Neolithic Ages
  • Fatal Alchemy
  • A Footnote in Ballet History
  • Fort Ancient
  • A Gigantic Jigsaw Puzzle: The Epicurean Inscription of Diogenes of Oinoanda
  • God’s House
  • The Grand Masters of the Chauvet Cave
  • Gyptis: A Greco-Massalian Boat Dating back to the 6th Century BC.
  • Himera: The Temple of Victory
  • Honey Hunters
  • Iceman Reborn
  • The Inevitable Evolution of Fort Frederick
  • The Lost City of Cecil B. DeMille
  • Mia
  • My Name is Salt
  • Naachtun: The Forgotten Mayan City
  • Nowruz in Tajikistan
  • Prayers Long Silent
  • Sailing a Sinking Sea
  • Stone Age Cinema
  • Vikings Unearthed

Keynote Speakers (Wednesday evening at the Festival Banquet in the Eugene Hilton and Conference Center)

Associated Activities [TBA]


Tickets for film screenings at the Recital Hall are free, and will be available in the Living Room. The seating capacity of the Recital Hall is 200.

Tickets for single Conference presentations and full-day Conference passes are available.  Single Presentation Pass ($10); Full Day Pass ($50)–grants entry to all presentations on any given day (Thursday, Friday or Saturday).  Available at the Registration Table in the Hilton Conference Center.  For more information about the Conference on Cultural Heritage Media and Registration before the event, click here.

TAC Festival Banquet

An important social event at TAC Festival is the Festival Banquet, which takes place the evening of May 3, 2017, at the Eugene Hilton and Conference Center.  The Banquet fee is TBA.  This is the venue for our Keynote Address.  Registration for this event is accomplished through our Banquet Registration Form.

More to be announced.


Sponsors for the 2016 TAC International Film and Video Festival

Dr. William Maier and Kathy Black

Toftemark & Olesen, LLC

Jean and Ray Auel

Starbucks @ East 18th, Eugene, OR.

Carmichael, Robert DDS